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Paper bags

Dust bags made of paper. These vacuum cleaner bags lets through air but not dust.

Micro fiber bags

Dust bags in modern syntethic fibre. Good but expensive.

Pirate dust bags

Usually these dust bags are made out of paper. An alternative that is worth its price.
Pirate bags

Vacuum cleaner

There ate many different kinds of vacuum cleaners on the market today. All for different purposes. Below you will find a short summon of then all.

Hand vacuum cleaner
A small bag-less vacuum cleaner usually used in kitchen areas. Usually they are week and rechargeable. Most are wall mounted and some comes with a long handle.

Bag-less vacuum cleaner
Lately some vacuum cleaners without bags has been developed. The vacuum create a cyclone in the dust collecting compartment. These vacuum cleaners are often more expensive than regular machines but the effect is not always better.

Automatic vacuum cleaners
Also called robotic vacuum cleaners. They are independent machines stuffed with electronics so the find them self around. They operate without dust bags. Generally they are very expensive and basically you pay for what you get. The more expensive the more high-tech. The more high-tech the more efficient at vacuum cleaning.

Regular vacuum cleaner
Exists in many shapes and forms. What they have in common are the bags. There are almost as many bags as there are models and more is coming out in the market.

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