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Paper bags

Dust bags made of paper. These vacuum cleaner bags lets through air but not dust.

Micro fiber bags

Dust bags in modern syntethic fibre. Good but expensive.

Pirate dust bags

Usually these dust bags are made out of paper. An alternative that is worth its price.
Pirate bags

Dust bags

Around 95% of all vacuum cleaner models are of the type that uses bags. To the left it is explained what different kinds of bags there excists today. Down below I will answer some common questions.

What type of bag shall I chose?
It depends on your budget. The more expensive bag you get the better the bag is. However the paper bags are the most efficient over time and is recommended. It is not necessary to get original bags, pirate bags works as fine.

How often shall I change bag?
Generally people change bags too seldom. A bag needs to be replaced as soon as it is full. Otherwise the dust will just exit and spread again in the area that is vacuumed. How often depends on how big area is dusted and how often and also on how dusty the environment gets. An easy way of purchsing new vacuum cleaner bags is on the Internet.

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